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Zedler Mill Park & Pavilion

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Zedler Mill Park and Pavilion
1170 S. Laurel Ave.
Open from 7 a.m. – 10 p.m.
Historic buildings, river access and take out point for the Luling Zedler Mill Paddling Trail (this is a six mile paddling trail).

Boat Rental: Please call Mr. Randy Engelke
(830) 875-5131 ext 22
Canoes & Tandem Kayak $35
Single Kayak $25
Paddle Boats $10 per hour
Golf Cart Rental Fee - $100/day
Golf Cart Driver (City Employee) Paid directly to driver from renter - $10/hour

Info & Boat Rental: 512-227-1724

Pavilion Rental Please Call Ms. Annie Gonzales
(830) 875-2481

Available for weddings, receptions, parties, meetings, reunions, and other events. Total deposit required for rental of this facility is $1000.00 (with $300.00 due at time of reservation). Rental fees are $1000.00 per day on the weekends (Friday - Sunday) and $500.00 per day during the week (Monday – Thursday).

Pre-setup fee and hourly rental is also available, and is $75.00 an hour.
This facility has seating for 240 persons.
If alcoholic beverages are served (NO GLASS CONTAINERS) you will be required to furnish a Liquor Host Liability Insurance and Security. Security fees are $35.00/hr per officer, depending on the amount of invitees, three (3) officers may be required.
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