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Heritage Circle

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Heritage Circle features a downtown seating area that surrounds a 17 ft. tall, 2-sided pole clock. The clock face itself is 3 feet in diameter, and is back-lit at night. The clock says “Luling, TX – Est. 1874” across the top of it and is the obvious centerpiece of the project. The clock is located downtown on the southwest corner of Laurel and Davis and the clock is surrounded by a circle of stone benches and landscaping.

This project recognizes several people from Luling that have done exceptional things on the national level and give our community a platform to highlight their accomplishments. When tourists make their way through our “Heritage Circle” and say “oh yeah, I remember him… I didn’t know he was from Luling…” That is the payoff. With the increasing amount of out of town visitors we are now seeing, we thought it would be good idea to tie these great accomplishments to the heritage of Luling in a way that would be meaningful to everyone who sees it.
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