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Foundation Farm

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The Luling Foundation was established in 1927 by Edgar B. Davis to teach diversity in agriculture and improve the lives of farm and ranch families in Caldwell, Gonzales, and Guadalupe Counties.  These three counties are the Foundation's service area by Charter; however, over the last eighty-six years, the Foundation's services have expanded throughout the state and even brought visitors from other countries.

What We Do


  • Ag & Healthcare Scholarships
  • Annual & Topic Specific Field Days
  • Donations to tri-county youth programs
  • Facilities for 4-H & FFA Projects
  • Host Meetings & Group Tours
  • Youth Agriculture Loan Program
  • Youth Farm Tours & Leadership Program

 Cattle Operations

  • Artificial Insemination & Embryo Transfers
  • Commercial & Registered Angus Operations Electronic Animal ID
  • Electronic Estrous Detection
  • Freeze Branding
  • Low Stress Cattle Facility
  • Performance Bull Testing

Other Operations/Demonstrations

Other Items of Interest

  • On display at The Luling Foundation: 1927 National Prize Winner of Texas Wildflower Competitive Exhibitions, Dawson Dawon-Watson, The Glory of the Morning
  • In 1944, turkeys from The Luling Foundation were shipped to Lyndon B. Johnson by train to Washington D.C.
  • Founder of Sysco Corporation, John F. Baugh, bought turkeys from the farm in the 1930s.
  • The Luling Foundation has hosted worldwide guests from Indonesia, China, Mexico, West & South Africa, Italy, Australia, Canada, Russia & Brazil.


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