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Zedler Mill

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Luling is a true microcosm of what makes Texas great: agriculture,  railroad and oil. It is our intention to interpret the story of the early Luling  pioneers and to educate those visiting this site on the tremendous impact the  Zedler Mill and Gin had on the development of the area and community up until the discovery of oil in 1922.

With the redevelopment of the Zedler Mill into a community park, we  have a tremendous opportunity to transform this historical and scenic property  back into a place of prominence in the area. Not only will it serve to meet the demands for more park space, natural areas and river access, but it will educate  and preserve the unique and important functions that were so important to the  early development of Luling. It will serve local citizens, as well  as visitors to the community, and will help preserve a way of life that is all too unfamiliar with the lifestyle of today. With thousands of vehicles a day passing  within a mile on Interstate 10, we hope to become a tranquil place for travelers  to stop and experience the good life...

Location: 1170 S Laurel, Luling, Texas 78648

Zedler Mill Pavilion Rental:
$1000 ea day - Friday, Saturday or Sunday
$500 ea day - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
OR $75 per hour - Pre-set up or hourly rental
Golf Cart Rental Fee - $100/day
Golf Cart Driver (City Employee) - $10/hour
Call the City of Luling for reservations at 830-875-2481

Mill Info & Boat Rental: 512-227-1724
Canoes & Tandem Kayak $35
Single Kayak $25
Paddle Boats $10 per hour

Contact Info
Phone Reservations: 830-875-2481
Mill Info & Boat Rental: 512-227-1724


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